Web Portfolio

Hands on travel

Currently, I am a webmaster/system administration for the travel agency website, Hands On Travel.

I helped and transferred them away from shared hosting, Bluehost because their load performance was too slow and it was impacting their ROI when people were buying tickets via e-commerce plugin. I helped and set up their own VPS located in New Jersey, as for their email system, we went ahead with Google Suite Business basic plan for their email needs.


Managed Virtual Private Server for Hands On Travel.

I helped and managed their VPS. We use Plesk, instead of cPanel because it was more affordable and extremely easy to use interface to sync between live and staging sites.


Improved Page Load Time

Compressed all the images to web-optimized friendly sizes for mobile-first approach then desktop. Minififed all the Javascript and CSS files to reduce the amount of requests between the host and the web server.

This is tested on our staging site to ensure everything is working property before we do the same thing to the live site.


Hands On Travel Website

Providing unique tours around the world in sign language. Book your next tour with one of our Deaf guides!

Deaf Community Services of San Diego Project

DCS San Diego Project

While managing Hands-On Travel, I am also a sub contractor for Eyeth Studios to work on a website for Deaf Community Services based in San Diego. Here is a sample of the completed webpage for Deaf Community Services website. The project is set to completed at the end of September 2019.

Communication Services for the Deaf

Here are some of my works with Communication Service for the Deaf. Worked heavily with visual designers in order to bring them to alive.

I used Wordpress platform to develop and design with all 4 of the examples for Communication Service for the Deaf’s internal websites. The first image, Get Connect Direct website was my first test and landed a full time job with them. I contracted with them as a web contractor for three months before I was offered to work for them full-time.

I took on 3 other websites and worked with visual designers to ensure the user interface is the key for better experience for our business clients, stakeholders, and our general audience. All of them were built with similar themes in mind, there are some SCSS going on.

See websites: CSD, Connect Direct, Vineya, CSD Works